Fly Over Northern Michigan’s Scenic M22 Drive

Our M22 Helicopter Tour is an experience unlike any other. The M22 Scenic Drive is the most popular route in Northern Michigan, a 116-mile stretch of highway following the gorgeous coasts of Lake Michigan and Grand Traverse Bay. Now you can experience the northern part of this famous route with our M22 Route Helicopter Tour. We will take you from Williamsburg to Northport so you can see the scenery from a new perspective. Our experienced pilots will highlight landmarks and points of interest during your ride!

m22 Flight Route

Start Point


Your helicopter will start in Williamsburg, Michigan.

Point of Interest #1


We will then spend the tour flying over M22, pointing out beautiful coastal landmarks.

Point of Interest #2

North Port

Then we will fly over Northport, a charming town located near the northern tip of the Leelanau Peninsula.

End Point


The helicopter tour will then loop back to end in Williamsburg.

Traverse City Helicopter Tour Flight Details

Our aircraft holds up to 3 passengers per flight with a total passenger weight of no more than 600lbs.

Each seat is limited to 300lbs per the manufacturer and combined passenger weight is limited to 600lbs.

Please cancel at least 48hrs in advance. Cancellations within 48hrs will result in a loss of your deposit.

Call us at 231-492-5427 to book your helicopter tour!